How to choose a good Blush

Cream Blush is preferred by a lot of older women who feel that their skin is dry and could benefit from a richer formula. For longer wear, apply cream blush, then dust with face powder and apply another pop of powder blush on top. Gel Blush is a nice option for smooth, young skin, since it is practically see-through.

Note: Wash your hands immediately after applying, as gel blush can stain your fingertips.

Powder Blush is the most popular choice. I recommend having two different tones in your kit one natural shade and a second that is slightly more colorful. For all-day blush, apply the natural blush first, then dust over it with a pop of the second blush to keep the color going. Don’t use the brighter blush without first applying the more muted blush base for daytime wear, since it will look too harsh. A brighter application is fine for nighttime wear, however.

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