How to choose a good mascara


In terms of makeup loyalty, mascara rates number one. It seems that once a woman finds a mascara that she loves, she is apt to buy it again and again. Mascara is also very high on the list of makeup products women say they can’t leave home without. It is among the first cosmetic items young women buy for themselves. Mascara is sort of like laundry detergent: Women figure out what they like and then are loathe to change.

Mascara has never been a hotbed of experimentation even when it comes to color. In a word, most women wear black. I agree I like black mascara best, too. Some women like brown-black as a casual-day option. But brown-black is so close to black that you might as well stick to black. Brown mascara gives the most natural, un-made-up eye. If you have blond lashes (often the case with strawberry blondes), reddish brown mascara is the prettiest option. Avoid navy, purple, or red mascaras they almost never look good.

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