Look for skin-firming creams and serums specially formulated for the neck and decolletage areas, especially ones containing idebenone, a potent antioxidant that is claimed to alter the reaction of free radical damage and protect skin lipids. These creams are formulated to re-energize, firm, smooth and brighten the skin.


We loved to see the fruits of John’s efforts. Our mocking would drive him into sullen and resentful mood, watching for an opportunity for revenge. Jimmy had a lot of difficulty coping with the work. I was surprised by his problems because he was ahead of the rest of us in education, having taken his Scottish Highers, and I thought that we should all be trailing in his academic wake. Not so. He camouflaged his failings well by clowning and by making himself the class fool, but it was difficult for Jimmy and he struggled in most subjects. I never mocked him. Barry did. On Thursdays we had communications, which we always looked forward to, because no one viewed it as real work – more as a sort of activity. We took the lesson in a crumbling building, still bomb-damaged from the war, set well away from the main college.

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