Choppy bob hairstyles with bangs

A Fine Tip: Gels and curly puddings can produce crunchy and flaky results. Experiment finding the right product and the right amount of product to apply that will work with your hair. Regardless, to get curl definition you need the holding’properties that are present in these gels and puddings. Just find what works for you.

Comb Coils for Short Hair

Comb Coils work great for short hair, up to 11/2 inches to 2 inches in length.

Tools to have on hand:


Fine-tooth comb and medium-tooth comb for sectioning

A soft holding gel or hair lotion (avoid gels with tons of alcohol in the ingredients)

Comb Coil Method:

Step One: Start with freshly WCD hair (Wash/Conditioned/Detangled)

Step Two: Apply a generous amount of your favorite daily leave-in conditioner through your hair, roots to tip.

Step Three: Starting at the back or nape, section out inch of hair with a comb and apply a fair amount of holding gel/lotion or twisting gel/lotion.

Step Four: Position and secure the tip of the fine-tooth comb through the 1/2 inch hair.

Step Five: Start twisting the hair using the comb in a downward motion.

Step Six: Twist to the very end of the hair section and carefully pull out the comb.

Step Seven: Repeat this process until your entire head is sectioned and coiled.

Step Eight: Air-dry or sit under a hooded dryer and completely dry your hair. (Keep your fingers out of your hair to prevent frizz!)

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