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This simple and healthy juice will add vitamins to your diet and it will improve your digestion as well. Carrots are loaded with beta carotene that helps in enhancing hair growth while cucumber helps in flushing out toxins out of your body.


Carrots – 5 large

Cucumber – 1/2

Apple – 1


Chop everything into small pieces and churn into a blender. Actually, we are not extracting juice here, but we are doing the trick by blending all the ingredients like a smoothie. Enjoy it as it is!

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A scrub is often followed by a body mask, in which your entire body is coated with a thick product designed to warm the body and stimulate your metabolism, carrying waste away more quickly, and hydrating the skin. A body wrap has the same effect, in which the thermal effect on the body is designed to detoxify and cleanse, both inside and out. Like most body treatments, a shower afterward and, perhaps a massage, complete the treatment and leave your body feeling refreshed and cleansed. The origins of the body wrap lie in the early notion of beauty spas as fat farms, where the diuretic effects of a full-body thermal treatment would result in what appeared to be quick weight loss. Although that approach to weight loss has dropped away from modern scientific approaches to weight loss, the body wrap still focuses on revving up the metabolism to detoxify the body, and treat the skin all over at the same time. Some of the typical substances used for body wraps are seaweed, mud, clay, or algae, which are applied to the whole body. The client is then wrapped in a sheet of plastic, which is left on long enough to let the application have its effect, usually for about 20 minutes. The treatment is delivered in a wet room, so that, at the end of the treatment, the application can be removed in a shower, and be followed by a lotion massage. Depending on the facilities at the beauty spa providing the service, you may be able to use a hand-held shower, or a Vichy shower with multiple showerheads that you can lie under for an additional relaxation experience. In any case, you should not use any type of soap during your rinse, so that the effects of the treatment are not diminished.

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