Chrissy Teigen Hairstyles And Best Beauty Looks and Products

Chrissy Teigen Your favorite hairstyles? I love soft beach waves, and a good blow-dry! A good blow-dry is imperative in Miami. Your best hair products?

I use Farouk hairspray by Chi to hold and still have movement, Lanza Moisture shampoo and conditioner, and It’s a 10! Miracle Leave In conditioner. Your cosmetics must-haves?

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Your best hair products?

The one hair product that has literally transformed my hair is from Miss Jessie’s. I use the Multicultural Curls cream right after a wash, and it has changed my life. No more frizz for me!

Your cosmetics must-haves?

I use mostly MAC products, but there is one product that’s supercheap but so good—L.A. Girl Pro Concealer. It has excellent coverage and lasts all day!

Your favorite hairstyles? I have many hairstyles that I enjoy, but one of my favorites would be an updo with the front of my hair braided. I’d definitely say I’m very adventurous with hairstyles, but I tend to lean more toward braids and different ponytail styles. Over the years I have enjoyed different Ethiopian hairstyles because the braids are very unique. From time to time I like having my hair flat-ironed, but I can’t keep it straight for too long—I love switching up my hairstyles. I am so lucky to have an amazing stylist who always seems to make my vision come to life.

Your best hair products? Shea Moisture. I use all the products from this line, and I can definitely see a change in my hair. There are a few other products that I use, which are As I Am and Deva Curls.

Your cosmetics must-haves? My favorite cosmetics line is MAC—the products are long-lasting, and they don’t break my skin out. I am not really into makeup, so I haven’t tried many products, but another favorite would be the Chanel liquid foundation. It really defines my skin and gives me a very natural look. The coverage is full, but it doesn’t look too matte; that helps give off a natural look.

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