Chrissy Teigen Red Carpet Looks

Seema V Jerajani, Hair & Make-up Artist, Owner Chrissy Teigen

Trends recommended: I would definitely recommend growing your hair out before the wedding. Long hair allows for more room to experiment with styles. Also, a one-length cut is very well suited for styling. In terms of make-up, I personally love the nude and subtle look; but the Arabic style of make-up is becoming popular. However, I prefer mixing the two to give the bride a subtle, but glamourous look.

Zeroing on the look for a bride: It depends on a number of factors, but the most important is the outfit, the theme, and the venue.

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My personal touch: I prefer modifying international trends from the middle east and the west to make them subtle, and Indian.

Favourite products: Chrissy Teigen I love the TIGI Queen day thickening spray; for make-up, I use a blend of professional brands like Krahl with luxury brands like Chanel and Bobbi Brown.

Do’s and don’ts in pre bridal regimen: For skin care – Do not get your skin chemically peeled; if you are trying something new, do not experiment right before the wedding – test it at least three weeks before; deep condition your hair for lustre and shine.

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