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TV personality Malika Haqq is absolutely gorgeous in long, loosely curled hair. This easy, breezy style works well with any face shape and provides soft, simple glamour. Just bevel the hair lightly with a flat iron to achieve and maintain this pretty look.

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Curls Blueberry Bliss Curly Girl Hair Growth Kit

This growth kit comes with all the essentials you need to cultivate long, healthy-growing hair! It includes the Blissful Lengths Liquid Vitamin, which boosts hair and nail growth and improves the condition of your skin, and a hair mask with a deep-penetrating formula to restore the hair and protect it from breakage and premature shedding. Rounding out the Blueberry Bliss Growth Kit is a hair-growth oil that seals in moisture while also fertilizing the scalp for hair growth.

Dominican Magic Anti-Aging Scalp Applicator Kit

Ask your stylist about the Dominican Magic AntiAging Scalp Applicator Kit. Formulated with a natural botanical blend, this product was created to help boost moisture and circulation in the scalp and thus improve damaged and thinning hair. The kit includes an Anti-Aging Scalp Applicator, Balm,

Shampoo and Conditioner.

Mielle Organics Honey Ginger Edge Control Gel Many of the top hair-care brands are adding edge- control gels to their collections, and the latest from Mielle Organics offers a unique formula infused with healthy honey, ginger, lavender wax and rice-bran wax. These healthy, organic ingredients help to stimulate | circulation in the scalp to boost growth as well as soften and condition the hair while holding all your beautiful styles in place!

Creme of Nature With Argan Oil From Morocco Day & Night Hair & Scalp Conditioner Moisturizing Hair Dress Creme of Nature introduces something new from the Argan Oil from Morocco collection! Using Creme of Nature Day & Night Hair & Scalp Conditioner Moisturizing Hair Dress provides amazing shine, nourishment and protection all in one, as it softens dry, brittle hair and replenishes the scalp with much-needed moisture. The conditioner is lightweight, won’t leave heavy build-up and is great for daily use.

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