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Fllene’s Basement Boston

426 Washington St. Boston; (617) 542-2011

Four times a year, Filene’s Basement in Boston runs a most unusual sale. At these magical moments you can buy designer wedding gowns, valued from $400 to $3,650 discontinueds, irregulars, and floor samples for the single low price of two hundred bucks.

Word gets around, and this has become as hallowed an event as the nuptials themselves. Brides-to-be, joined by moms or best friends (don’t try this alone) start gathering at dawn. The doors open at 8 AM. and the frenzied rush is on. Everyone grabs whatever they can off the racks, jumping in and out of dresses (no time for fitting rooms), trading with each other until they find the right one. Five hundred gowns are gone in about thirty minutes, and the sale is over.

Is this any way to get married? Perhaps. After going through all that, you’d think twice about a divorce. Meanwhile, you can wind up with a honey of a deal. If this scene is for you, call Filene’s to find out the next sale date, or keep an eye on the newspaper ads.

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