Christina Aguilera Burlesque Inspired Hair

Hey guys I’m gonna be recreating a requested look from the movie burlesque worn by Christina Aguilera and one of my favorite scenes from the movie when she’s singing this beautiful song bound to you, I think it’s called in this gorgeous green gown. So this is the look and, I I love this look when, I first saw it. And I’ve been meaning to recreate it and then it’s been also requested by a few of our viewers.

So, I decided to recreate this look for you guys and, I also did the makeup tutorial as well which we’re gonna be posting on our everything Luxy blog a few days after the hairstyle goes up. So I’ll post the link right here to the blog if you’re not already commentd make sure you comment. So you don’t miss it out.

So yeah if you like this look and if you want to know how to recreate it then stay tuned and I’ll show you exactly what you need to do. So put this type of hair still, I would actually recommend for your hair not to be freshly washed because, I find that it’s easier to curl and the curls hold longer on here that’s maybe its second day or third day because it’s just got more texture to it. So my hair is definitely not fresh and also quite frizzy because the weather is humid and rainy.

So that’s actually perfect for this hairstyle then just a regular paddle brush to brush through the hair lots of bobby pins that’s what we’re gonna be using for this hairstyle a curling iron this is Enzo Milano, I believe it’s half an inch. So the smallest curling iron you have to create those really tight curls also a teasing comb or brush when we’re done curling the hair to create a bit more volume than just a regular flower accessory for your hair this is the one I’m going to be using today’s and then just a regular hair clip to hold the hair while you’re curling. So we’re gonna begin by just separating the hair into a deep part which.

I’ve already done. So something like this and then we’re gonna start by curling from the bottom up. So I’m gonna separate section that I’m gonna start curling and it’s going to be from ear to ear sort of the bottom half of my head I’m gonna put up the rest of the hair and then just start curling and it’s gonna be about an inch sections all over the head.

So I’ll show you on one of the sections. So you know what to do and then I’m gonna speed up the process. So you don’t have to sit and watch the whole entire process.

So I’ll show you from the bottom. So this section right here I’m gonna do in three. So you get an idea.

So I’ll just do the first one and what you’re doing is just doing a regular curl very easy very simple. So we’re gonna hold for five to eight seconds until the curl sets and then let go and then repeat the same process for the entire head okay. So now that, I am back and I’m finished curling all of the hair you’ll notice that as, I was going along, I was kind of loosening up the curls.

So we’re gonna do the same thing for the remaining of the hair in the back that we just curled and as soon as you do that you’ll notice that the hair becomes like really really big and poufy by itself like you don’t even almost need to tease but, I will just tease a little bit at the roots to give the hair more volume because it just looks more dramatic that way. So your hair is probably gonna look really big and crazy the way mine does right now but don’t worry because we’re gonna be putting this up. So at this point I’m just gonna use the teasing comb and just tease at the roots a little bit I’m not even gonna use hairspray or anything, I just want a little bit of a lift at the roots.

So we’re gonna pick up the hair and just tease tease it up a little bit kind of at the roots all over the head alright. So once you’ve teased all the roots above here you want to start to separate the pieces that are gonna be falling out. So on the picture it looks like she has a few pieces framing her face and then just underneath from here and kind of below the ear.

So something like this. So these pieces I’m gonna leave out and then a few smaller pieces right up here at the at the hairline just like this put the rest back once you’ve separated those pieces you want to start to just gather the hair in the back and start to put it up. So I’m gonna be starting off with this section and what you’re doing is just kind of bringing it back and up.

So you want to create some sort of lift up here and I’m gonna be just using bobby pins to be securing all of this up and every time you do it it’s gonna look a little different there’s really not one way to do it because the curls kind of give an organic shape to the hairs. So I’m just gonna start to kind of secure they here randomly in the back. So there’s one piece.

So once you have this piece right here you might want to add another one just to make sure that it will be secure and then we’ll grab the remaining here from underneath you can leave one more piece out if you want and then we’ll gather up the rest of the hair and then you just want to kind of create a shape and what I’m doing is I’ll just show you guys on the back it is I’m kind of gathering up the ends and kind of twisting them in just like this and then you want to create a shape and then when you’re happy you just want to grab a bunch of bobby pins and just secure that. So I’ll show you guys just like this. So when you have one side done you want to do the same thing with the other side again just find those pieces that you separated.

So be like just a few pieces right here and then the rest we’re gonna gather up in the back again while you’re gathering them up make sure that you’ve kind of fixed the shape and make sure that it is gonna give you that volume from the sides. So when you’re happy with the placement you want to grab a bobby pin and just secure it in a back you want to do as many as you need to make sure that the hair is secure there and then again we’re gonna separate the remaining bottom pieces and do the same thing for the rest of the hair. So it’s right here these pieces you want to kind of bring them up.

So again check yourself in the mirror to make sure that you’re happy with the placement and then you want to tuck in the back tuck in these pieces and then you want to just twist the ends in you want to grab some bobby pins and just secure that in place. So guys what I’m doing just use as many as you need and just secure that that little section in place. So once you’ve secured the front the back pieces you want to just make sure that you’re happy with how the front pieces that are framing your face are falling.

So for me, I think it’s falling too much like onto my face. So I’m going to use a bobby pin and just kind of lift up this section a little bit and secure that right there and then you want to maybe loosen it up a little bit again you just want to play around and see what works for you and what what looks good on you. So I’m happy with this side and then for this side that’s where the flower is gonna go.

So the flower usually goes will on her it going towards the side that has less hair. So the deep parting is on this side and then the flower will go over on this side and it looks like it’s right above her ear. So it’ll be right here and then you want to just attach that just like this.

So that’s it once you place the flower you are all done. So I’ll show you guys this look from all sides it’s definitely a similar look to hers it’s not identical it’s you know obviously an inspired looks. So, I think it looks great, I think it looks very feminine very pretty perfect for an evening out with a beautiful you know dress or a gowns.

So, I really hope you guys enjoyed this, I know it’s been requested quite a few times. So, I hope it was good and, I hope you guys will give it a try, I hope you guys are having a beautiful day and, I will see you guys in the next tutorial bye.

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