Try a facial flex fitness device specifically for facial muscles. Just two minutes a day with a resistance band should improve circulation and skin firmness, and help to reduce double chins and a wrinkly jaw.


Jimmy and I sold our travel warrants and hitchhiked to Scotland to spend a couple of days of days with his strange and tough friends in Glasgow. We went to a football match at Celtic Park while we were there; Celtic won I think. I then spent ten days with my parents, where I noticed, as did they, the growing distance between us. I was keen to get back to Plymouth and arrived a day early. The Irish Shipping boys and the Iranians had stayed over the break and we all went out in the evening and got drunk, swaying home arm-in-arm, late at night, singing Irish/Persian/English songs together. The second term marched on and the work became even more intense, but we were in our stride and had found our places. The sharp ones – Barry and Phil – led the field; the slow and the dim were by now firmly rooted at the back, including Bell and, sadly, Jimmy, with the rest of the pack strung out between them. The 12-hour days were our routine; they were the norm, the standard. They were not a chore. We marched slickly, we ground out the work, we sailed smoothly, we made our Board-of-Trade bunks with geometric pattern and our top bunks were never thrown to the floor.

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