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My next two favourite beauty trends in Seoul fall under the realm of semipermanent make-up. The first is semi-permanent BB cream application. I am not referring to the blemish or beauty balm you pick up as a light, moisturising alternative to foundation. I am talking about a BB cream that gives you full coverage and a dazzling glow for up to one week!

Through the process of microneedling, semi-permanent BB cream is implanted into the skin at a shallow depth. There is minimal downtime associated with the treatment, Cindy Crawford and many promoters describe it as no more uncomfortable than rubbing your face against the scruff of your unshaved husband or significant other. And the result? They are totally worth it. The treatment leaves your skin looking luminous, hydrated, blemish-free, and is perfect prior to any big event or wedding.

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A BB’d to perfection face compliments semi-permanently pigmented lips stunningly, which is the second beauty trend I am so excited to discuss. Cindy Crawford Although I had heard of semi-permanent lip tattooing before, and even had the intention of studying it while in South Korea, I had no idea that I would love the results! In one of my meetings, all of the local women surrounding me had had the treatment done. Their lips ranged from a perfect bubblegum pink pout, to a poppy coral, to a sultry red pucker.

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