Cinnamon Rosemary Body Powder

A spicy, refreshing-smelling absorbent body powder that also has antiseptic properties.

16 drops cinnamon essential oil 10 drops thuja essential oil

25 drops rosemary essential oil 4 tablespoons clay

Put clay in a small jar, add essential oils and stir them in thoroughly. Cap and shake the jar to continue mixing the ingredients. To store powder, cap jar with a tight-fitting lid. Makes 2 oz.

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I had known nothing about post-traumatic stress disorder, or even depression. I realised my memories of that whole period of my life were blurry because I had put so much into trying to forget that one weekend. I started to see that my drive for success and what I saw as the ‘perfect’ life stemmed from these horrible, misguided feelings of being a failure. Getting pregnant in my teens had only fuelled that warped view of myself. My experience was behind my need to be in control in all aspects of my life, and I also recognised that I had spent my life holding back from close friendships, terrified that someone would find out my secret and think badly of me. I finally recognised that I had been struggling with depression since my teens. Mental illness had never been talked about in my family, in my community, or even in my later, corporate life. I wouldn not have known what to look for. It took a long time for me to pull myself together. At first, I tried St John is Wort and other natural remedies.

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