Savour flavours of this tangy spring palette for a breath of fresh air. Lime green and lemon yellow mingle with soft blossom prints and neutrals like cream and beige on nature inspired fabrics, echoing a tranquil scenario that mimics the green outdoors.


The alchies bought their beer quite legally from the ship’s bond. They crew was supposed to be limited to buying beer only – no spirits – although, in practice, they managed to get whenever they wanted to drink by a combination of bribing the stewards, stocking up on local hooch when the ship was in port, and the odd bit of opportunity theft. For the most part however, beer was the drink of the day: they drunk it by the crate, day in, day out. Their appetite for drinking was prodigious. There was no real restriction on the amount of beer they could buy – only a poorly-enforced rule that no one should have the equivalent of more than four cans a day on average. However, the junkies didn’t drink much and were quite happy to buy beer for the alchies’ use, selling it to them at a slight premium, which then paid for their marijuana and occasional pills. The junkies had catholic tastes in drugs and would try anything – organic or chemical – that they believed would give them a buzz. The Horomaya had come from India, which offered good scope for marijuana and had allowed them to stock up well. In the East they would venture into obscure parts of town to buy whatever amphetamines and barbiturates could be obtained. Their conversations were peppered with talk of uppers and downers, reds and blues, bennies and bombers, browns and dexies, jelly beans and purple hearts, sprays and cleaners, sniffs and dunks.

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