Citysafe Womens Modern Secure Backpacks

KEEP YOUR KIT SAFE Every active urbanite needs a bag that will take them straight from gym to work to party. The Pacsafe CitySafe CX Tote ticks all the boxes for style and capacity but is anti-theft, too.

Stylish and practical with its peach-coloured lining, gold detailing and a strap to fasten your yoga mat, the tote also features secure zips, a slash-proof body and straps, and scanblocking material so people can’t get your card details; £115 at

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TRAVEL L IGHT Hate lugging a heavy yoga mat or sports towel when you’re on the move? You need Dock & Bay’s new Active towels.

Made from supersoft microfibre (30 per cent from recycled bottles), the compact, lightweight towels are great for al-fresco yoga, covering a sweaty yoga mat or for the gym. Post-shower, the towels soak up moisture like a dream (we’ve tested them), dry out three times as fast as a regular towel and fit easily into your bag.

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