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I think if you have the personality to carry it off, why not? But when selecting a color, please always stay conscious of the damage, which could happen to your hair. Color can never look pretty when applied over badly damaged hair.

Choosing a home hair color kit at your local drugstore? Keep these do’s and don’ts in mind.

• Do not ask the salesperson at the drugstore to select your hair color shade. Most are men and generally don’t know the first thing about hair color. If you are undecided, choose a shade a bit lighter or the same as you have presently. Dark shades are too difficult to remove if you hate the result.

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• Test the shade you bought before you use the whole bottle all over your hair. Mix a small amount of the color and an equal amount of the developer. Choose a tiny strand but one that’s big enough to see right at the nape of your neck.

• Put the color on, and set your timer for five to ten minutes. Rinse and dry, and then, in good light, lay the strand on a white cloth so you will be able to see what the final results will be. If you like it, section your hair and start your application, starting in the back. If you don’t like it, all you have lost is the $7 or so you spent on the color.

• You won’t have to trudge through the next few months in a color you can’t stand. Next time, choose a different shade. Before you discard the packaging, don’t forget to tear off and save the box top so you will remember the color you don’t like.

• When you color your hair at home, be sure to put an old towel or a kitchen trash bag down over the entire working area. If you happen to splash color on the sink or the walls, simply wipe it with a solution of household bleach mixed with dish soap, and the stains will come right up.

• Always, always, always remember to wear gloves when you color your hair. The gloves now distributed in hair color kits are professional-quality gloves and are good and sturdy. If you happen to put a hole in one, put on your kitchen gloves for extra coverage. Believe me; your hands will love you for it! When you finish with the gloves, be sure to powder them and save them for next time.

You are running out of color! You’ve started your application and you’ve put too much color in one spot. You can already see you won’t have enough left for the front. Don’t stress out just add a halfounce of shampoo or water to extend the product you have left. So the front may end up a bit diffused at the roots it’s still better than having the gray or dark brown showing. If your hair is long or very thick, make sure to buy two boxes of color so you won’t be faced with this problem.

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