The Smart Herb Garden has three refillable cartridges, so that you can cultivate a variety of herbs. Just plug in the device and its sensors takes care of the nutrients and water needed for the saplings to thrive based on its vitals. Using “innovative NASA inspired technology” it ensures that the plant grows faster.


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 And for those that didn’t die, they had built the drinking gene into themselves and acknowledged the all-importance of camaraderie, of the bond of men who drink together. Everything in my father’s life revolved around drinking and the social acts that went with it and we, as his children, learnt the importance of it too. So, when I went to sea and wore a uniform of my own, I knew how to act when it came to drinking: it was already instilled in me. Drink nearly killed me in South Africa. No, that’s not true: I was almost killed in South Africa when I was drunk and it wouldn’t have happened if I had not been drunk. John and I were ashore in Durban and were having a grand time. We drank Castle beer until we were dizzy and bloated and then switched to rum. In our sodden state we decided that life at sea, while being good fun, was not exciting enough for two young bucks such as us – we resolved to do something about it. At the time, the bush war in Rhodesia was in full swing and I announced that I had a hankering to join the Rhodesian Light Infantry and we should both travel north and sign up. I painted an image of myself skulking menacingly around the jungle in bush gear, tracking down the guerrillas.

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