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A trip out West, but mainly a tribute to his great hero Marty Robbins

It used to be said of many pop singers, there was a country album lurking in them somewhere! Well this is certainly true of Chris Bradley, normally the lead singer of the British rockabilly group The Blue Cats. Thankfully, unlike many previous attempts at ‘country’, where either due to unsympathetic record producers or really an unfamiliarity with the genre, the result has been less than satisfactory, thisfine artist has done something he has always wanted to do, a western type album which works a treat! Clint is a fine singer, and with a stripped down and very acoustic guitar sounding backing, he has poured his heart and soul into a type of music he has always wanted to record.

The album starts with a bright Western-type song the great Marty Robbins could well have recorded, except in this case, and several other times on this fine album Clint wrote it! Altogether there are six other self-written songs from Clint, including his own personal tribute to Marty I Wish I’d Been There. Two songs that Marty recorded, Doggone Cowboy and the very thought provoking Man Walks Among Us (which Marty actually wrote), are two vocal tributes, but the truth is the whole style of the album reflects the fine easy listening western type music Marty was very good at!

Clint’s great love of Western movies (shared by me!), surfaces early with My Rifle, My Pony And Me which Ricky Nelson sang in the classic ‘Rio Bravo’ starring John Wayne and Dean Martin. Clint also thinks ‘Shane’ starring Alan Ladd is one ofthe best films ever made (I also agree!) and in We Are Shane Clint very imaginatively puts the story of this great film to music! Pilgrim Boy and the closer The Anvil are both thought provoking items written by Clint, the former reflecting upon the Pilgrim Fathers as they set off for America and the latter reflecting on the death of his father.

This album is truly outstanding, and comes right out ofthe blue from an artist not normally associated with British country music acclaim it thoroughly deserves as I am sure there are many fans of Marty Robbins who would love this if they knew about it! Personally I thought the late great Marty Robbins was just about the best artist I have ever seen live, and I know I am not alone in this! Go out and buy it! DavidBrassington

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