Fabrics that hug the body, such as cotton and silk jersey, are perfect for feminine curvy bodies, but they should always skim across the curves rather than cling.

If your body has given way to gravity a little, be cautious with layering. A combination of different patterns and textures may make you appear shorter and fatter. Avoid outfits that cut across the body with lots of different horizontal layers or stripes.


I try to remind people whenever I get the chance not to compare their ‘behind the scenes’ reality with someone else is highly polished ‘pick of the bunch’. The Embrace documentary I mentioned earlier opened up my eyes to how much I had let media form an image of how I should look. The message is always: lose weight, reduce wrinkles, fight cellulite, get ‘bikini body’ ready, now! And that is just appearance then there is the perfect holidays, perfect families, perfect lives that social media presents to us every day. That can lead many of us to believe we need to fight a constant battle to be someone other than who we naturally are, making it difficult to feel good about our true selves. To a degree, many women have been able to manage this, to filter the information that enters their world, but some of the actions you need to take to do this are a little extreme stop buying magazines, avoid certain people and conversations, don not watch TV. The rapid growth of social media and online advertising makes it very hard to avoid damaging messages. Across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more, we’re bombarded with #fitspo, #thighgap, visible ribcages, workout quotes, abs, toned booties in bikinis But the really worrying thing is, it is not only affecting us as grown women. Young pre-teens are posting photos of themselves in very adult poses on social media, influenced by social media celebs with online careers focused solely on how they look. And we need to take some responsibility for this, too these girls are watching and learning from us as mothers, aunties, role models and we are influencing unmakeupy behaviours because we talk about how much we dislike parts of our bodies, about how we need to lose weight, that we’re upset because we didn not make it to the gym, or ate a slice of cake. That really got me thinking about our younger girls, the generation born with an iPad or phone in their hand or an Instagram account literally set up for them from birth! I was determined that I would present a realistic version of my life on social media.

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