Clove and Brandy Deodorants

The cloves have strong cleansing and deodorizing action, and their its scent is also appealing.

Substitute cloves for sage and 2 drops of clove oil for sage oil and proceed as above.

Other good choices of herbs for making herbal infusion deodorants are basil, lavender, mint, thyme and yarrow. Choose from one of these and substitute them in the above formula.

Deodorant Body Powders

Basic Body Powders

Body powders act as antiperspirants and deodorants. Clay, cornstarch, arrowroot powder or baking soda can either be used alone as absorbent body powders or as a base for deodorizing powder formulas. Use spice shakers for sprinkling on body powders, or apply by hand. The following formulas may include essential oils and other botanical ingredients.

Clove and Brandy Deodorants Photo Gallery

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