Cocktail Recipes For Ladies

Whisky Punch

You will need for 8-10 persons: juice and rind 2 fresh 12 cloves lemons 1 bottle whisky 6 tablespoons sugar 1 pint boiling water cinnamon

1 Pour the lemon juice and sugar into a warmed punch bowl.

2 Add the cut up rinds, cinnamon and cloves.

3 Mix thoroughly; add the whisky and boiling water.

4 Stir and spoon into punch cups.

Mint and Burgundy Punch

You will need for 14-16 persons: 5 sprigs fresh mint 1 stick cinnamon rind 1 fresh lemon 8 cloves 6 tablespoons sugar 1 bottle Burgundy or or sugar syrup vino Tinto

1 tablespoon grenadine 1 pint boiling water

1 Put the mint, lemon juice, sugar and grenadine into a warmed punch bowl.

2 Mix thoroughly; add the spices and Burgundy.

3 Stir the mixture slowly adding the boiling water.

4 Spoon into punch cups.

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