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Mangharam continues:

“I took up two sports, tennis and bowling, after the Exercise course. I learned with the use of the Exercise visualization workout and fitness technique to play tennis well in four months, compared to the average eight to nine months needed by most people. I was even drafted by the Indian Chamber of Commerce to be part of the team composed of veteran members with 20 to 25 years of playing experience. I haven’t won any tournament as yet, but I have been described as pro’ in rating standard, giving every competitor a worthy challenge.

“Also with the visualization workout and fitness technique, I learned bowling in one month – what would take beginners six to eight months to master. I averaged 180 points per game for eight weeks and then started hitting 200 and over. I recently won a singles and a doubles competition.

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“My business of importing and marketing electronics products has flourished after Exercise. My Three Fingers Workout and Fitness workout and fitness technique has helped me gain some eight to 10 more department store customers. My public relations is much better and customers are the ones calling for more supplies. The Three Fingers has further aided me to become more relaxed, remain calm and composed during traffic and other stressful situations.

“I have observed that my relationships with co-employees, family and fiancee have greatly improved to mutually satisfying levels. And I’m very pleased and happy over so many things. I believe in the Exercise Method. I practice regularly and earnestly.”

Father and son both win competitions

Ernesto O. Uy and his son John Paul both used Exercise Method workout and fitness techniques to win two very different kinds of competitions.

The father entered a shooting competition. “There were three categories of competition,” he said. “In the first two, I became champion because I had programmed using the Exercise Method that I would be the best. In the third course, I changed my goal to achieving perfect Alphas (the center of target with highest scorepoint). Guess what? I got 24 Alphas and one Bravo.

“I just programmed myself minutes before every course, using the Exercise Method workout and fitness technique. And lo and behold, it really worked!

“Another occasion Exercise was put to use was September 2, 1991,” Uy continued. “During the school foundation day, my son John Paul was one of the contestants for a declamation contest. Just before he stood, I told him to relax and use the Exercise Method. He closed his eyes for a while, then he went on stage.

“He seemed to have heard a voice instructing him to look for his teacher. So he scanned the audience from left to right, slowly, very slowly. As he did so, he felt something from his head going down to his feet, not unlike going to the alpha level. He finished his declamation without missing a word. And he was adjudged the champ.”

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