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However, others believe that in some cases, the problem is that the consumer in fact has more knowledge than the professional. Sargeant, who also runs two clinics with her husband David, says, Consumers do a lot of research now and you would be surprised how aware they are of what retinol is or what derma rollers are, for example.

Meanwhile, therapists are coming through the doors without that knowledge. I think it comes back to how they are educated at college, and I think cosmeceuticals should be included in training from the start. PB

Switching from a major brand to an exclusive cosmetics range has been the best decision I’ve ever made! My clients are overwhelmed with the results and my business is far more profitable. Just fantastic!

A new marine-themed detox and wellbeing centre formed the cornerstone of a major refurbishment at Champneys Tring. Georgia Seago went to check it out ven Champneys, probably the best-known spa group among UK consumers, occasionally needs to make some big changes to stay ahead of the competition. To mark its 90th anniversary, the focus of the latest £4million refurbishment project at Tring, the original property in the group’s portfolio, was a new state-of-the-art detox and wellbeing centre, designed around the recuperative benefits of mineral-inspired therapies. There are a lot of places out there with some very good spa areas, with guests just lounging around by pools, but we thought they were missing the point, says Stephen Purdew, owner of the Champneys group. Inspired by visits to leading wellness retreats such as the Hotel Royal-Thalasso Barriere La Baule – the best thalassotherapy centre in France, according to Purdew – and Austria’s renowned Mayr clinic, Purdew’s team combined existing elements of Champneys’s offer and packaged it up into a dedicated area of the resort.

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