What colours make up magenta

MAKE THIS AND YOUR CHILD WILL LOVE YOU FOR EVER! Template Scissors Coffee-coloured cotton fabric Pins Sewing machine Dress fabric Stuffing Thread White felt Plaited felting wool Lace ribbon . Download and print the template from essentials.co.za and cut the pieces out of cotton fabric. Lay the arms and legs right sides together. Pin and sew the outside edges, leaving the tops open. Turn through and fill with stuffing. Repeat to make the legs. Sew the dress top onto the front and back body. Lay the body pieces right sides together, with the arms inside the body and the raw edges sticking out. Pin and sew around the outside edge, leaving the bottom open. Turn through and stuff. Position the legs at the bottom of the body and sew across. Sew on eyes and lips. Sew the plaits in place. Cut a piece of felt to go over the doll’s shoulders; sew in place. For the wings, cut out two pieces of fabric. Lay them right sides together; pin and sew around the outside, leaving the bottom open. Turn through and fill. Sew lines along them to add depth. Hand sew the bottom closed, then sew onto the doll. 4For the skirt, cut out fabric 40x15cm. Fold in half, right sides together; sew along the short side. Turn right side round. Turn over the top and sew a hem to thread ribbon through and pull to gather; hem the bottom. Sew lace ribbon to the feet for shoes.

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