It is only through slowing down that we will be able to comprehend the nuances of the states of consciousness. The central nervous system is like our own personal central intelligence or ground control. If our central nervous system is disorganized, disillusioned, anxious, overworked, or highly stressed, then the state of consciousness we experience will be dull and lackluster. Nourish the system, feed the system, care for the system in deep and meaningful ways, and then the barriers and blockages are removed so we can access the higher states of consciousness. These higher states have


been described as feelings of joy and bliss. We use meditation and other techniques to tap into these experiences. Imagine if we are able to plug into consciousness and bring it into our waking state! I’m here to tell you that we can through the philosophies, rituals, and recipes in this blog. And the more we do it, the more seamless this process becomes. It is as if we are bringing things back from our trip to consciousness and weaving them into our waking state.

The central nervous system contains the sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways that control our response to danger and regulation of bodily functions. These include hormone release, movement of food through the stomach and intestines, and the sensations from and muscular control of all internal organs.

The sympathetic nervous system often referred to as “fight or flight” is the part of the central nervous system that prepares us for intense activity. The parasympathetic nervous system does the opposite; it helps us rest and digest, relaxes the body, and often slows down high levels of energy. The more we calm the sympathetic nervous system and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the easier it will be to tap into our consciousness. It is the sympathetic part of the nervous system that is being challenged by today’s fast world. We are too tense, too sped up. We need to use the tools and techniques available to us to help our parasympathetic nervous system engage. It is through this that we will achieve a state of calm, reduce our heart rate, and relax our muscles all of those things that help us to heal, restore, renew, and come back to ourself. This is, in large part, the intent behind the recipes you’ll find in this section of the blog to assist in cultivating an optimally functioning central nervous system.

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