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When you want to reduce excess pitta, wear pearls or a mother-of-pearl ring set in silver upon the ring finger of your right hand. Pearls have the ability to reduce inflammatory conditions, including sudden passionate, heated emotions. Ideally, natural pearls should be worn, although cultured pearls are actually quite acceptable.The most harmonious day to put on your pearls is a Monday (the moon’s day) during a new moon. However do not wear pearls when you have a kapha condition, such as a cold.The moonstone has the ability to calm emotions and is soft and cooling, being feminine in orientation. It can certainly help to pacify the pitta personality.

You can also use stones, as shown right, to make a special infusion. It involves no more than placing the stone in a glass bowl that has been topped up with spring water The key part of the process is standing the bowl and stone outside, preferably on a night when there is a full moon and a cloudless sky. The longer you can leave it standing out the better, three hours being about the minimum period for successful results.

When you bring in the bowl, pour the special water into a clean glass and drink before breakfast. Cool black guy haircuts If you can make standing this bowl outside at night a regular part of your routine, then you will soon notice the difference that drinking moonstone water makes.You will feel increasingly calm, relaxed, clear-headed, stable, grounded, and above all inwardly strong. Your confidence grows and grows. You will find that other people definitely notice, and become increasingly attracted towards you. Feeling more attractive actually gives you a new lease of life.

Making a Moonstone Infusion

I Take a stone specimen that has already been cleansed.

2 Leave the bowl outside to stand under a full moon.

3 Remove the moonstone, and pour out the liquid.

4 Drink the moonstone infusion when you wake.

Orange and Elderflower Infusion

This infusion makes a light refreshing drink, ideal in summer.

1 Wash the orange in spring water. Slice and put in a jug.

2 Add elderflower heads and spearmint; pour in spring water.

3 Leave for one hour, add fructose to taste, and drink.

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