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The remedies used in homeopathy are derived from many sources. The majority are prepared from plants, but many minerals are also used and a few remedies are even prepared from insect and snake poisons and other toxic substances. Do not be alarmed about the toxins because they have been diluted so that no danger remains.The Law of Similars shows that the most powerful poisons can be turned into equally strong remedies. In fact about 2,000 have now been described and documented, but in practice most professional homeopaths use only a fraction of that surprisingly high number.

The process that turns a substance into a remedy is called potentization”, and consists of two main procedures, dilution and succussion (or vigorous shaking). When you buy a remedy note a number after its name, usually 6, but also other numbers rising in a scale: 30,200, IM (1,000). Sometimes a “c”, standing for centesimal (one hundredth) appears after the number It shows how often the remedy has been diluted and succussed.

A remedy is prepared by dissolving a tincture of the original material, usually in alcohol. Cool haircuts for teenage guys On the centesimal scale, the 6th potency means that the original substance has been diluted six times, each time using a dilution of one part in a hundred. This results in a remedy that contains only one part in a million million of the source material. Yet the greater the potency (number of dilutions), the greater the remedy’s power.

Between each dilution, the remedy is succussed. When the potentization is complete the remedy is preserved in alcohol, and a few drops can be added to a bottle of milk-sugar pills or a cream.The remedy is now ready to use.

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