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Basic Hair Equipment

2-quart cooking pot to use for hot-water baths when melting ingredients.

Blender and/or food processor (preferably with whipping cream attachment), or mixer for whipping creams. You can use the blender and the food processor interchangeably, although I prefer the food processor for making purees. You can also use either a blender or food processor for grinding large quantities of herbs, nuts and seeds.

Bowls of various sizes.

Chopsticks for stirring. You can also use a spoon, knife or other implement.

Containers for making and storing formulas and ingredients, Cool haircuts for women preferably made of glass. Save your jars! You will need various sizes: Wide- and narrow-mouth with tight-fitting lids, bottles, salt and spice shakers, lip balm jars, etc. Mason jars with lids in 8-, 16-, 32-, 64- and 128-oz. sizes are useful for making herbal infusions, tinctures, infused oils and vinegars. Nonglass containers such as squeeze-type bottles, fine spray mist bottles and tins with tight-fitting lids also come in handy. If you can’t meet your jar needs through recycling, the Resources chapter lists companies that offer excellent jar choices at very reasonable prices.

Poly/cotton cloth, such as old sheets and pillowcases, cut into 12-by-12-inch squares for lining colanders and strainers during the decanting process.

Pure cotton cloth for cleaning the face. I save old pieces of good-quality fabric (such as old flannel sheets), cut them into small pieces as needed and use them as washcloths or as an improved and reusable replacement for store-bought cotton pads.

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