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Homemade Midnight Beauty Vinegar with Fresh Herbs

To make vinegar with fresh herbs fill a pint (16-oz.) jar withequal parts of each herb and follow Directions for Herbal-infused Vinegars with Fresh Herbs. Cool little boy haircuts Add optional essential oils to strained vinegar. Makes about 12 oz. of vinegar. The yield will vary depending on how tightly you pack the jar, how much moisture the herbs contain and how well you press the herbs during the straining process.

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Self-love is not exclusive; it doesn not discriminate. It is not anti people who exercise or diet or want to change the shape of their body. Self-love embraces everyone all shapes and sizes. If you do things for the love of your body, mind and soul, you are practising self-love. Self-love is inclusive, if you choose to love and respect yourself. Whatever your journey and your goals, embrace them with love, respect and confidence. Earlier I talked about the ‘before’ and ‘after’ comparison I posted on social media after watching the documentary Embrace. I accompanied this with a declaration on makeup, wellness and happiness, which I made to myself and to my audience: I will not ever again go on a diet, encourage diets or promote dieting products. I will not avoid particular foods I love because I’m trying to lose weight or think they will make me fat. It is all about moderation.

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