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Lytta vesicatoria

Cantharis is one of a few homeopathic remedies prepared from insects. Cool short haircuts for middle school girls Bob haircuts for little girls It is derived from an iridescent green beetle which is commonly called Spanish fly. It is also known as the blister beetle because it is actually a major irritant if handled. It has an affinity with the urinary tract.

Cystitis – where there are highly uncomfortable, intense, burning-pains on urinating. Evidence of burns or burning pains generally, as you would normally expect to get following sunburn, or burns from a hot pan.


Mercurius solubilis

The name of this remedy is sometimes abbreviated to Merc sol. It is prepared from the liquid metal mercury. It is used in acute septic states (infected areas) where the glands and their secretions are particularly affected.

Swollen and tender glands.

Profuse sweating and increased thirst. Breath, sweat and secretions can be offensive. The tongue looks flabby, yellow and coated.

Fevers blow hot and cold.

Irritability and restlessness.

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