Corn And Callus Blend

12 drops Lavender essential oil

6 drops Myrrh essential oil

2 oz Sweet almond Instructions

1. Combine all in bottle, shaking well to mix.

2. Massage into the affected area daily to soften calluses and corns. Warts Eliminator

12 drops Lemon essential oil

4 drops Tea Tree essential oil

4 drops Thyme essential oil

3 drops Cypress essential oil

4 drops Bergamot FCF essential oil

1 tbsp Jojoba oil or 2 tbsp jojoba if using on kids and the elderly Instructions:

1. Mix together all ingredients in a bottle.

2. Apply 2 drops of mixture to wart and then cover with a Band-Aid.

3. Apply daily for 2 weeks.

Corn And Callus Blend Photo Gallery

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