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If you want to play down a part of your body that you dislike, such as heavy boobs or thunderous thighs, it's always best to choose dark colours and matt fabrics. These avoid reflected light, which will make something look bigger than it really is.

Forget the dictates of fashion and add some colour to your basic wardrobe staples. Choosing to wear a miserable selection of black, grey and beige every day can sometimes feed into emotions of sadness and depression..

Some of these streams will naturally drop off, and some will become your bread and butter.

It is all trial and error, but do pay attention to what is working and what is not, so you’re not wasting time and money flogging a dead horse.

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Passive income streams are great, as you can literally sit back and make money from them with little ongoing effort. One of the income streams I set up early on was an ebook recipe collection.

It cost $400 to produce and load onto a website and it ended up bringing in tens of thousands of dollars of revenue over the following four years. Membership renewals are another great passive stream. Planning and communication is crucial use a calendar to diarise everything you have on.

Brainstorm. I love brainstorming ideas about business, products, services, events, initiatives and more. I write in journals and let my thoughts just flow, allowing myself to believe that anything is possible.

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