Creamy Belly Balm Homemade

A solid oil for rich nourishment and emolliency, excellent for preventing stretch marks.

2 oz. jojoba oil 3 tablespoons (I1/2 oz.) olive oil

2 oz. coconut oil 1 oz. beeswax

2 oz. shea butter

Pour liquid oils into a heat-proof measuring cup and add the shea butter and coconut oil, measuring after each addition. Melt, break or grate beeswax into small pieces and add to the oil mixture, enough to bring the level of the measuring cup up 1 oz. Place the measuring cup in a hot-water bath and while stirring allow everything to melt and become a uniform liquid free of lumps and clumps. When all the ingredients have melted and thoroughly combined, pour the liquid into a wide-mouth jar, let cool undisturbed and cap when solidified. It is now ready to use. Makes 81/2 oz.

Variation: You can use an herbal-infused olive oil made with calendula, comfrey or other herb of choice in place of the plain olive oil. v

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