With DIY hairstyling becoming part of our everyday routine now, Curl formers, the innovative hair brand, shows us how to create these covetable curls in five easy steps.

Step One: Dampen hair and brush through (hair can either be washed or dampened by spritzing water from your spray bottle).

Step Two: Add a generous amount of your favourite leave-in conditioner to your hair. Warm into the palm of your hands and brush through to evenly distribute.

Step Three: Section the hair – take the top section and pin it out of the way.

CREATE CORKSCREW CURLS : in 5 Easy Steps Photo Gallery

Step Four Now it’s time to add your Curlformers. Split the bottom section of the hair into smaller sections. Add your Curlformers, making sure your hook is facing the right way up to make sure the hair stays inside.

Dry your hair – use a softhood or traditional hooded dryer for a quicker dry, or allow your hair to dry naturally. Take out your Curlformers Remove gently by pinching the seal at the top.

Step Five-. Style your look – use a shine spray or oil sheen to add lustre to your curls.

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