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My first encounter outside involved a woman I rode the bus to work with every morning. She was light-skinned, pretty, and with naturally long hair, I mean ass-grazing length. Her reaction was not so welcoming. I explained to her my reason for the Big Chop and how free’ I felt. She chuckled and gave me the Oh, you think you are all that now, Miss High and Mighty attitude. Pumping her fist in the air and sarcastically chanting, You Go Girl, Black power!

I was off to a bad start and for the weeks that followed I developed a love-hate relationship with my coils. Daily, I put on a mask of make-up and big earrings because I feared that I looked like a boy or as someone had told me, too African. Whatever self-esteem I had left was slowly chipping away. The chipping worsened each time someone wasn’t afraid to voice their opinion. An elderly woman walking towards me shook her head in disapproval and said to me with confidence, Get a perm! On the way home from work another day, two teenage boys let it be known out loud that I would look aite if I just did something with that hair.

Only four weeks in and desperation had set in. Where were the pretty spirals that I had seen the girls flaunting on their Fotki journals? At this point I still had no idea what to do with my hair and I became obsessed with obtaining curl definition. If I could just get well-defined curls then I could train my unruly naps to behave! I combed the Internet for hair routines, techniques and products. I spent money I didn’t have on curl defining lotions, gels and potions. When none of these options worked I developed a bad case of Scarfitis – a disease that involves excessive use of head wraps and scarves to hide the shame underneath. I was plagued with Scarfitis for the next few months.

After a lot of agonizing, I decided it was time to buy a texturizer kit. In my mind I was still a natural’ I was just helping out my coils that’s all. Texturizers are nothing but mild relaxers. And by no means are they mild’. They are just as damaging as regular relaxers because they chemically alter your hair, irreversibly removing the curl.

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