Curly Bob Haircuts For Round Faces 

Controlled Hair Pulling ‘How to’

Controlled Pulling should never hurt or uproot any hairs, if it does you are pulling too hard

1. Start by placing your fingers on the scalp and moving the scalp back and forth like you are adjusting a wig

2.Grasp random chunks of hair firmly by the roots and tug gently (Avoid asking another person to help you with this, as they are 99.5% likely to get carried away doing it at your expense!)

3.Continue this routine until you have “pulled” the hair all over your scalp.

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Tip 52: Inverting your head helps get circulation to your scalp, you can try inversion whilst you massage with your favourite oils, when washing your roots and when combing your hair.

Inversion Idea ‘How to’ How to Invert your hair whilst standing

1.Bend at the waist

2.Hang your head forward and tuck your chin under so it touches your chest

3.Allow your hair to fall over the head so it hangs freely

Tip 53: See your Health practitioner and have your hormone levels checked. Also, if applicable,

check the hormone levels on any birth control you may be taking.

Tip 54: It will take around three months for you to see changes in your hair when you adopt some of

or all of these Tips and Ideas. Patience is key to growing longer hair.

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