Curly Fade Haircuts For Black Men


In between trips to the salon, perk up dull highlights by using a colour-enhancing treatment, or adding vitamin E oil capsules -to your weekly hair mask, to brighten colour and add shine.

While the likely outcome is that those solar lentigines will go away, they will merely be replaced by a nifty little pinkish spot about the size of a dime or smaller or bigger. The choice is clear. One can choose to keep the solar lentigines, er, liver spots, and engage in a friendly competition with peers: Ha! I have more than you have! Or, go for the bleach and risk looking like a character from Where the Wild Things Are. Then there is the question as to why they are called liver spots There is no consensus here, that I can find, although some suggest that it is because they are the same color as the liver.

Not any liver I have ever seen at the butcher shop.

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(As an aside, I refer to a butcher shop, which is a phenomenon largely unknown in twenty-first century America, having been replaced by the meat section in the local supermarket. ) There is also another speculation that early elders thought these stunners might have been caused by liver problems. That, I believe, is very much in doubt.

Anything I am aware of caused by the liver usually presents in some variation of the color yellow, which could be caused by any number of things not necessarily related to age. But, I digress.

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