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‘I feel like it happened when it needed to, and now it’s out, we’re seeing the fruits of what we worked so hard on. It’s been good timing though, I think, even though we were very impatient.”

Once again, they teamed up with their producer and mentor, the legendary T Bone Burnett, Curly hair 6 weeks who describes the artists as ‘a breath of fresh air’. This time around they focussed on the song-writing process and, thanks to writing sessions in Nashville, Seattle and Los Angles, they now have credits on nine out of the 12 tracks. Working alongside Burnett has been, not only a ‘huge compliment’, but an important boost to their confidence.

‘The first record he took us under his wing, so we felt like we were going to him frequently for advice, help and guidance, but with this record we built it from the ground up with T Bone in the studio, and he helped us put the studio band together and he really helped us choose which songs were the strongest.

It was a very collaborative process and felt like we were all working as a team and he really understood what we wanted and what our vision was.

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