Curly hair haircuts with bangs


Another fab fact you should know about this girl: âœI just never go out of the house with messy hair! I can’t and I won’t,” she confesses. For busy days (which is most of the time!), a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do: Go for a high pontytail. She gives an on-the-spot demo and pulls her hair up tightly to go with her vintage-inspired outfit. Camille’s tip: Curly hair haircuts with bangs A ponytail can definitely cause hairfall, especially with thin locks like mine. Fight the damage with Pantene Hair Fall Control range! It gives me the total confidence to rock any ‘do.

Unlike traditional products’. New Pantene Pro-V formula penetrates deeply into the core to repair and make hair stronger inside, shinier outside.”

Your hair can take it all. so you can do it all.

There exist but a few shades that are universally flattering on both fair and morenacomplexions alike true red, blush pink, and eggplant to name a few. Luckily for (all of) us, this season’s hottest runway color ochre is also an equal opportunity shade. To sport this earthy hue, sweep an orange- or mustard-tinted camel shadow over the entire eyelid, blending outward into the creases. Add dimension by applying a metallic apricot shadow onto the center of eyelids. Curly hair haircuts with bangs Wear this eye with bold brows and sans mascara, or pair with multiple layers of mascara and a merlot-red lip.

Your Daily Dose of Glow

Solique Gel Polish By Girl Stuff. There’s so much to love about gel manis except going back to the salon to have them removed. So, we were stoked to find out about this DIY at-home gel polish. Curly hair haircuts with bangs Here’s why: no UV light required. When the color and topcoat are applied in tandem, sunlight (or room light) dries nails in about two minutes. No base is needed either since the polish adheres to your nail. This way more affordable system also doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like other gel polishes do. Huge bonus Solique can be removed with any nail polish remover. Yes. Way.

What’s the first thing mom makes you drink when you’re sick? Good old, vitamin C-packed OJ. What’s good for the body is good for the skin vitamin C (another term for ascorbic acid) is an antioxidant that protects skin from harmful free radicals (like UV rays and pollution) that make skin age. So sick or not, energize dull, fatigued skin with a boost of vitamin C for a radiant, healthy glow.

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