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If you are standing upright while you are drinking remember that you still need to be fully alert at all times.Therefore, make sure that you do not fix your gaze rigidly and thereby lose all communication and contact with the outside world. You also need to ensure that your head leads you away from your heels (see the section on Standing for further guidance). You will find that your shoulder girdle brings mobility to your arms, and that the pelvis provides stability which simultaneously facilitates mobility in your legs.

The very same principles also apply to eating. Whether you are going to eat something from your hand or use a fork, Curly hair haircuts with bangs it is all too easy to forget your posture completely. Remember that you should not totally focus on the matter in hand, but that you must also consider your stance, alertness and poise.

Avoid gripping or clutching your glass.

Be aware of the connection with your arm, which links to your back and then into your heels. As you raise the cup to your lips, bring your weight Back 5n to the heels, so as not to pull in your lower back. Also, bring the glass to the lips, rather than leaning down into it.

Take some time to consider how you are seated at the table and then bring the food up to your mouth, rather than the reverse.Your feet should be correctly positioned on the floor. You should also be aware of both your sitting bones, and how your back should be lengthening and widening.This position also aids digestion.

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