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Use a shampoo with tea tree oil. There are several brands that have wonderful tea tree based shampoos excellent for hair and scalp conditions that leave a “not-so-fresh” smell. Tea tree oil has natural anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

You may also choose to add essential oil of tea tree to your own brand of natural or organic shampoo (about 8-10 drops per 8 oz).

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How can I wear my hair straight without using chemicals?

It is important to understand that chemical processing can damage the hair and stunt hair growth. It is possible to achieve straight hair without the use of chemicals.

When opting to straighten the hair using heat, it is important to protect the hair with a heat protection product that will create a barrier of protection between your hair and your heating tool. That being said you can produce straight hair using a flat iron, a straightening iron or a pressing comb.

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