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HELPFUL HINT: If you open the box and find two to three components inside are not the shampoo or conditioner, you can be sure you’ve purchased a permanent colorant; and you will have roots showing within three weeks. If you don’t want to commit to this level of upkeep, take the box back and exchange it for a product that is semi-permanent, which will gradually fade out with each shampoo.

Clairol has recently introduced a few new products under the label ‘Nice ‘n’ Easy’. This collection is available in Permanent, Demi-Permanent, Semi-Permanent, and Glazing formulations. What you need to keep a close eye on are the descriptive names of the products, because they sound so inviting and even healthy. Unfortunately, this is mostly marketing fluff. Names such as ‘Color-Boosting Glaze’ and ‘Root Touch-Up’ sound so quick and easy, when in reality, one of these products is a permanent colorant, which will give you re-growth to contend with only within a matter of weeks.

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The other is a color refresher, which will not cause obvious roots or re-growth. There is a huge difference between these products: one shampoos out easily; and the other has to grow out. You will have to think about these seemingly minor differences in labeling carefully, if you don’t want to deal with re-growth.

Color Boosting Glaze is very similar to Beautiful Brown and the non-peroxide-based, Loving Care. I have always liked Beautiful Brown in fact, I consulted with the company when they were just creating the product. The shades available are rich and beautiful; none have overtones of green or maroon, which ofen happens with these types of formulas. Beautiful Brown is a semi-permanent colorant that will shampoo out in six to eight washes. If you shampoo every day, therefore, they generally will last for about two weeks.

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