My Current Skincare Makeup and Hair favorites

Today I wanted to talk about some of my current favorites I’ve actually been getting a lot of requests for this which makes me so happy because I definitely used to do favorites Posts a lot but I was never sure people wanted to see them so now I feel like yes I can finally share some of my favorites I tried to pick out things that I haven’t talked about a lot so hopefully some of this stuff is new to you it’s all great so let’s get into it so my first favorite has been saving my undereye game I started waking up earlier lately because I realized I’m way more productive when I wake up early but I wake up with those really tired feeling puffy eyes and I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys know what I’m talking about so I started using this Dermalogica stress positive I lift and this thing has rocked my world it has the kind of like metal applicator tip.

That’s super cooling which is nice but the formula in it is also amazing it’s SuperDuper hydrating and it gives this like really firming action which gives the illusion of lifting your eyes and I’ve noticed the firming a lot like I feel as though the fine lines under my eyes aren’t as noticeable which is awesome and everything just looks so much more hydrated and when I put my makeup over the top it all looks much more blended it doesn’t look as cakey and best part of it at least to me is that like an immediately erases that tired I feeling.

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So I immediately feel more awake and more ready to let go about my day shipment is also my favorite of ever of life right tipping you are always favorite edgewise yeah always sorry I fell tipping guys he really loves to be part of the action but I think he wants to go cuddle with Dan now so let’s keep going alright next I love this dr. jart water fuse or yes water if you use water masks sleeping masks what so many words water max sleeping mask this is basically it’s kind of like a night cream it’s a maps that you put on at night and you sleep in overnight and it adds so much hydration to your skin and one of the things that I really struggle with in my skin is redness especially around my nose area and I’ve noticed that when I pick treatments and serums that are meant to be hydrating it really helps that redness to either go away or stay at bay so I started using this actually about a year and a half maybe two years ago.

I recently purchased my second bottle it took me over a year to go through one because it’s two ounces so it’s very generous and I just notice every time I use this my skin is glowing it looks clearer and it looks like I’ve been drinking all of the water that I was posed to in a day which is great whatever you can fake like actually doing the right things it’s perfect so I really really really love this this is one of my favorite skin care products ever and I really recommend this okay so moving on to makeup so one of my favorite things has been a drugstore find and I tried this out because my friend’s toffee from glam life guru this is the Milani conceal and perfect two-in-one foundation concealer this is so good like.

I said I picked it up because tachi recommended it if you ever see her in real life you will be amazed by how beautiful her skin is like you look at her and you’re just like are you real are you really real um so if she recommends a foundation I buy it and so I got this one and it is everything that I was hoping it would be it blends into the skin super well it lasts really well the color selection looks very natural this one was the lightest that they had when I was shopping it’s number one and it was a tiny bit dark for me but they just came out with number zero which apparently I am and so I’m going to try that out next if you’re on the lighter side go for that because this is a little bit tan but just in general it’s a great drugstore pick because it’s going to look really natural it’s not super matte it’s not super dewy it gives you coverage and it stays on.

I don’t know what else you could want so that’s definitely a favorite and another makeup favorite has been this it cosmetics confidence in your glow they sent me this one and they sent me all the colors and I kind of opened it up and I was like in okay it’s the bronzer blush highlight like whatever I have a bunch of those but then i swatched it and guys it was love at first watch I was like what this is buttery what de spinach is beautiful what I love these colors and I basically used it every day since so we’ve got this kind of ombred situation going on here so you’ve got your bronzer shade your blush and highlight either all gorgeous on the skin they really do blend wonderfully the finish is beautiful and I love the colors they also have two other palettes one that is much more berry tones one that is much more warmer both are a little darker this is the lightest one but if you are looking for just like a base palette that you can grab and go and use for everything I really love this one.

I highly highly recommend it one of the best formulas I’ve tried in a long time so this one you did kind of hear about in my tutorials already but I didn’t get a chance to really dive into it this is the Herbal Essences soft control gel cream now when I first looked at this I was like what is it supposed to do because it says that it’s a gel but it’s a hold of one and I was like what is it gel with a hold of one do normally a gel you expect it to be like shellac you know you put it on your hair you can go in the pool and come out and your hair still looks the same because it’s glued down this actually has a very light hold but it has a lot of moisture to it so it’s like if you combined a light whole gel and a leave-in conditioner together and there’s a lot of different ways that you can use that you can use it put some through your hands when you’re doing braids to help tame flyaways you can scrunch it into your curls to help your curls have definition but also moisture so it will fight frizz you could put this onto a ponytail if you’re trying to brush your hair into a sleeker ponytail you could use this for some nice added shine and moisture without looking like a brick or I wouldn’t be a brick without looking like it’s glued down you know what.

I mean when it’s like super gels and just way too hard this will give you that gelled look while still looking natural so what I like about it is that curly hair can use this curly hair can scrunch this in for a little bit of definition and moisture straight-flying hair can use this to change laia ways you can use it on curls you can use it on braids you can use it on ponytails it’s very multifaceted it’s right around six dollars it’s a great Buy totally recommended my very last hair favorite and I cannot underscore this one enough is the Pravana perfect brunette shampoo now they have a whole line of this shampoo conditioner and deep conditioner.

I just picked up the shampoo and the color of the shampoo is the color of the cap it’s meant for brunettes and that usually brunettes instead of like blondes Blanco yellow a brunette is more often to pull kind of orange or red and so this is meant to combat those orange and red tones and I picked it up for a friend of mine because I lightened her hair and her hair just goes straight to orange and I was like toning it all the time and I was like I cannot keep toning your hair so I found this and I bought it and I was like I need you to try it and see if it works but before I gave it to her I tried it because I had a little bit of orange in my hair.

I fell in love with it you have to be very careful on blonde hair because if you overdo it you’re going to end up with this color hair but if you have a little bit of an orange cast to your hair you can run this through your hair or maybe mix it up with like a normal clear shampoo if you want to dilute it a little bit and it will take the orange out and then if you are brunette and maybe you know you have some color in your hair or you feel like it pulls orange sometimes you can use this and it works it worked so well for my friend she uses it pretty often now and her hair is never orange anymore it’s always perfectly toned and ashy and exactly what she wanted it to be so my typical toning routine is to use the Pravana perfect blonde this gets rid of yellow and then just add in like a swirl of this to get rid of the orange and red tones that pop into my hair and would clean the two of these it’s keeping my hair so toned and so perfect I really really love it so if you’re dealing with orange or red or you just want your hair to look ashy err.

I would definitely pick this up because it’s very very good so that’s it for my product favourites but I do want to give you guys a couple youtuber favorites and these aren’t I mean they’re killing the game but they definitely deserve more subscribers so first of all whitney simmons she is a fitness youtuber and i love this girl she is so fun to watch she’s so adorable she does um workout routines she does Beauty favorites she does um like different things that you can use at the them and I have become obsessed with working out over the past few months and so I found her channel through that obsession but now I’m just obsessed with Whitney like she is adorable she’s hilarious and if you’re into the whole fitness lifestyle thing.

I really recommend her channel my next one is a channel called Margo and me now you guys might be familiar with the blog Margo and me Jenny from Margo Emmy has not made a youtube channel and it is adorable she has the most amazing feminine romantic fashion sense but she’s always up with what fashion is doing at the moment so it’s femininity interpreted in a very modern way which I really love you guys know that I have a much more feminine style as well and her Posts are so endearing and so beautifully made and I just find them so entertaining and inspiring so I definitely recommend that you guys go check out her channel and give her some love like she just started her YouTube channel I think she deserves all the followers in the world so you guys go over send her some love and you’re going to love her Posts and those are my current favorites guys if you have any favorites that you think I should try out tell me about it in the comments below.

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