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The herbs described on the following pages are a particularly useful group for helping tackle stress and various other common conditions. Cute bob haircuts with bangs Reading the notes and studying the pictures will help you decide which would be most beneficial for you and your garden. After all, they should also help make a special relaxing feature. If planting them in groups, remember to put the tallest in the centre and the smaller ones around.

You may well want to try several as remedies before deciding which you find most helpful. Note that herbs do not usually work instantly, so do not be impatient and give them at least two weeks to take effect. If you do not feel better in three weeks, seek the help of a qualified practitioner Herbs can also be used in various combinations, and you will find suggestions for putting them together to give additional benefits.

Since most of us would benefit from a nerve tonic during stressful times, choose the herbal remedy best suited to you.

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