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The “monkey position might sound tricky, but it really is not Try it slowly, see how it works, then try it again at a more natural speed. It basically involves the head moving forwards and up, and then the knees moving forwards and away over the feet to counterbalance the bottom going back over the heels, enabling the arms to move freely. It is also important to remember that when you go into “monkey you must review your primary directions. What is more, stay alert at all times, and avoid fixing your gaze or holding your breath. Such moves will quickly undermine the marvellous effects of the “monkey”.

To be more precise then, stand with your legs hip-width apart, with the feet slightly turned outwards. Your weight should be evenly distributed, neither too far forwards nor too far back on your feet.To start going into the “monkey, allow the knees to bend slightly over your feet as you tilt forwards from your hip joints, making sure your head, your neck and your back are aligned. Avoid collapsing over yourself!

One final point is to make sure you think of widening and lengthening your back as you widen across the shoulder girdle, to allow free movement and your arms to hang freely.This extra tip will ensure you enjoy the full effect of “the monkey”.

When going into the “monkey” avoid retracting the head back and down into the spine. Cute girl haircuts Note how the model has rounded her shoulders and pulled in her knees.

This model is in the correct “monkey position. Her head, her neck and her back are aligned. Her knees are bent forward and away from her hips.

Here the model is not bending her knees as she bends forwards. Her back is collapsed over her body, and her legs are straight and braced.

Everyday situations In everyday situations it is important to pause before reacting, to make sure you are so positioned that you do not misuse yourself. The more aware you are, the more likely you will encourage muscular release through your whole system. Equally, the more at peace you are, the easier it is to apply the principles of the Alexander technique. The following excellent examples show how the monkey can keep you healthy.

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