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MOISTURE BOOST UV rays and air cons can make your hair look dull, dry and lifeless,’ says royal hairdresser Richard Ward. ‘Prevent this by investing in good quality, nourishing products.’ Try Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner, R69,95 each. WEEKLY TREAT Use a rich mask, such as Marc Anthony Oil Of Morocco Deep Hydrating Conditioning Treatment, R49,95, to top up your hair’s hydration levels. Pop a shower cap over the top while you have a cuppa – this will intensify the conditioning process.

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Wearing the ball dress Mum made for me in 1995, with my friends Kirsty (centre) and Adine (who went on to captain the Silver Ferns). I have recorded the time that I moved out of Mum’s, and my impatience to get away to a bigger city Jason and I were already talking about moving to Wellington. I write about getting references from old workplaces in order to put together a CV to look for work once we got there. The dream to move out of Hawera and to the Big Smoke was definitely Jason is originally; I was a homebody and would have happily stayed in Taranaki, but Jason always had big dreams and envisioned an exciting city lifestyle for us. I’m so grateful he did I have always had great confidence in his ideas and I felt safe with him, so eventually his dream became mine, too. Jason and I had been together for nearly three years when I fell pregnant. I was seventeen and Jason eighteen. I felt like a complete failure; some of the key people in our lives told us we were making a huge mistake and we became the talk of our small town. To many, we were just another teenage pregnancy statistic, destined to end up apart with me on the DPB. That was a major challenge for us both and, looking back, my confidence and self-belief took a huge knock.

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