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(Pinus sylvestris)

There are a few species of Pine that produce oils, notably the American Long-leaf Pine which is a commercial source of

oil of turpentine. However the Pine oil used in aromatherapy generally comes from the Scots Pine. Cute haircuts for long hair teenage girls It helps to clear the air passages when used as an inhalation, and is also good for relieving fatigue.Tired, aching muscles can be eased with massage using diluted Pine oil.


(Citrus bergamia)

The peel of the ripe fruit yields an oil that is mild and gentle. It is the most effective antidepressant oil of all, best used at the start of the day. Its leaves give the distinctive aroma and flavour to Earl Grey tea. The oil can be used on a burner for generally lifting the atmosphere. Do not use on the skin in bright sunlight, as it increases photosensitivity.

(Salvia sclarea)

This oil gives a definite euphoric uplift to the brain; do not use too much, however as you can be left feeling very spacey! Like YlangYlang and Jasmine, its antidepressant and relaxing qualities have contributed to its reputation as an aphrodisiac. Caution Do not use in pregnancy without seeking professional advice.

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