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Causes of Illness

There are many causes of disease. Some are obvious, such as being run-down and poor nutrition, Cute hairstyles for long curly hair school but illness might have an emotional cause. Stress creates disharmony which manifests itself in physical ailments. Homeopathy takes such factors into account and, if possible, tries to mitigate them and strengthen the sufferer.

Sometimes our bodies just do not seem to be firing on all cyclinders, and we need a carefully chosen homeopathic boost to revive them.

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Avoid socialising with them when alcohol is involved, as alcohol can encourage strong emotions. Have encouraging and positive discussions when you are with them. Arrive with a positive outlook and attitude and do your best to maintain it the whole time. Negativity isn not confined to those we know personally, and sometimes it is not so easy to avoid or influence it. We are so bombarded via social media, TV, magazines and other media sources that it can be difficult to even recognise when we’re being influenced by negative messages. Many people are now alert to the unmakeupy messages communicated by many women is magazines never-ending (and often conflicting) stories about a celebrity is weight gain and weight loss, exacting scrutiny of ‘stars without make-up’, speculation over who has had cosmetic surgery and whether they look better or worse for it but other influences are far more subtle and difficult to detect. Become alert to and mindful of what is around you, and be selective about the messages you let in. You can easily choose not to read certain magazines or websites and avoid social media that makes you feel bad it just takes consciousness. PRACTISE GRATITUDE A major source of potential unhappiness is comparison. Many of us will be familiar with the saying ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’ (from Theodore Roosevelt; he did have some great thoughts, that one!), which translates to ‘Comparing yourself to others is a bad idea it can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and envy’.

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