Cute Hairstyles Paired With Bright Lipstick

Cute Hairstyles Paired With Bright Lipstick

Lea Michele hairstyles

Lea Michele 

I love that the flowers are very at aamna in color, and the frill detail around the deep V gives a very flirty feel since the focus was on the decolletage. I figured it would be best to create a low bun to highlight that area even more. So to create my bun I clipped in a few webs for my fancy hair extensions set to make the bun a little more lush, and I clip them in only until mid ear level then I separated my hair into two sections down the middle of my head, and tied each section into a low ponytail at the nape of my neck once.

I have my two ponytails i braided each ponytail into a loose rope braid to braid a rope braid you simply want to split the working section into two twist both sections one way, and wrap them around each other in the opposite way continue to repeat these steps until you get to the ends, and and wrap the rope rate around the base of the ponytails pinning it in place with bobby pins then.

I am just repeating the same steps with a remaining ponytail the reason why I rotated the ponytails was. Because  this technique gives the effect of flower petals when they are wrapped into a bun like this, and it plays beautifully with the details on the blouse for this bright red turtleneck sweater with bell sleeves, and open shoulders. I wanted to put my hair up into a top knot.

So that the focus would be on the details of the sweater you have seen me create this top knot several times on my blog. So I will skip over the step by step. But one thing I did change is add the clip in bangs to give it a more sophisticated feel, and I really like how this combination turned out I also posted another look wearing the sweater on my Instagram wearing my hair down with a tweed cap which is also a really cute option in my opinion  okay this bodysuit is seriously goals. But I ruined the look by pairing it with a nude bra I did not notice that the fabric from the bodysuit was clinging on to my bra until.

Victoria Summer hairstyles

Victoria Summer 

Jennifer Hudson hairstyles

Jennifer Hudson 

Betty Who hairstyles

Leslie Mann hairstyles

Leslie Mann

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