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PAPER SWEETIE POUCH SUCH A SIMPLE IDEA, BUT SO DELIGHTFUL – HANG THEM FROM YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE AS EXTRA TREATS Christmas wrapping paper Pencil Pins Sewing machine Scissors Eraser Small sweets Put two pieces of wrapping paper together and draw a star on one piece very lightly in pencil. Pin the paper outside your star to hold the two layers together. Sew along the lines, leaving one side open. Cut out the star (cut through both layers), leaving space on the open edge so it’s easier to sew up later. Use an eraser to remove any visible pencil markings. 4Fill the inside of your star with sweets, then close it up with one more line of stitching. CAKE BUNTING MADE YOUR OWN CAKE? WELL, YOU MIGHT AS WELL HAVE FANFARE AND A BANNER! Decorative paper Scissors Pen Glue String Wooden skewers .. Cut out 15 mini triangles from the paper. Fold the top 1cm over and crease. If you can see the back of any of the triangles from the front, snip them off. Write ‘Merry Christmas’ onthetriangles(leave one blankfor the start ofthe banner). r Placethefoldover a length of string and glue in place. 4 Tie the string to the top of the wooden skewers and push into your cake.

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